How to win a date using dating apps

8 Oct

Have not won a date yet at online dating sites and apps? You might as well want to consider these helpful tips with regards to dating online. It will help you win more friends online and increase your chances of winning a date and even get into a relationship. First, you will have to focus on building your profile to attract potential dates. Choose a decent picture for your profile or account. It should be clear and also pleasing to look at. Ladies, try not to be too inviting for they might get the wrong impression, while boys should get a next door neighbor type photo. Try not to overdo your profile. You can learn more about Dating here

Link your profile to your social media account

The main reason why some people don’t get a date at dating apps is because their accounts don’t look realistic. How can you get more friends and win a real date if your profile does not look real? They might think that your account is a virtual robot, a scammer, a fake or anyone who does not really look for a date. Try not to confuse them by linking your account to your social media page like Instagram and Facebook. You can also add link to your website or blog, if possible.

Start making friends

After building your profile, you can start making friends. Explore the app and try to be polite with anyone you meet. Say Hi, thank you, please and compliments. Give sincere compliments and don’t flatter. Share something about yourself, your favorite activities, what you do for fun, places you have visited, food you have tried and other things that might excite the person you are talking to. The next thing you knew, you already have a date invite from one of your friends so enjoy.