9 Oct

If you want to know the leading cause of death around the world, then it is lung cancer. Prevalent in men more than women, lung cancer alternative treatment has been difficult to diagnose on the early part of the illness.  Metastasizing fast in other parts of the organs, lung cancer has been a big challenge in the medical society for its manifestations. Let’s have a look at the signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

Here are the common signs and symptoms of lung cancer:


If you are experiencing a persistent or ongoing cough for a few months, it is wise to have your respiratory system checked. Or if you’re having a cough which gets worse overtime, it is very handy to have a doctor check yourself to be on safe hands.


Pain being one of the most common sign of cancer can have its manifestation on the chest.  Depending on the extent of the lung cancer, there can also be bone pain, headache, shoulder pain, and even pain radiating down the arm.


As the lungs are responsible in the exchange of air in the body, an affectation or a problem with the lungs can cause shortness of breath.  A person can also experience wheezing sound on breathing and hoarseness of voice.


With a lung problem comes a problem with oxygenation of the whole body as well.  If the body doesn’t have enough oxygen for it to work healthily, the patient can have fatigue which is not normal.

If you want informations on how to control these symptoms, one of the best recommendations is treating the lung cancer alternatively in the most natural way.  With the book by Mary Jo Parker being a best-seller on the holistic approach in stopping the spread of lung cancer fast, this book is recommended for you.